What’s up everyone!   We are now exactly one week away from Anime Central, the best convention I’ve ever gone to.  Man, it feels great to go to this again, it’s been so long and I really hope to have a good time there.  I’m in sore need of it.

Anyway, I just thought I’d let you all know that I will be hosting 2 panels this year.  That’s right, I’m gonna be working two panels instead of just one like last time.  The first one is my voice over panel, Voice Acting Industry: How To Get In!  Just like last time, we’ll be going over the process on what it actually takes to break into the industry of commercial voice over.  We’ll answer questions, give hot tips, and explain various dos and don’ts.  Yeah, not that much different from last year, but we actually have new and updated information to talk about, so it’ll still be worth the visit!

The other panel that I am hosting is an improv show called Improv!  I Choose You!  Actually, my friend, Sheila, will be the main host, I’m just one of the co-hosts.  Anyway, this is more of a fun interactive panel for guests to actually take part in.  We’ll take volunteers, divide into teams, and then do our best to play out some wacky improv scenes in rapid fire.  There is no right or wrong answer here, you just gotta keep the energy flowing!

Sadly, it looks like i’m actually going to go without cosplay this year.  Just not feeling it this time and because of some other stuff going on.  Yeah, I’m just not feeling this.

Anyway, that’s all I got for now.  Be sure to look out for me at Acen.  If i’m not at the panels, i’ll most likely just be walking around, or sitting down somewhere writing notes for my upcoming story.

Hope to see you all there!  Oh, and here are the pics of the Acen Panel Schedule with my panels highlighted.  Both are on Friday and take place in the same room.  The VA panel is at 11:30AM and the Improv show is at 10:00PM

va_panel improv_panel