Hey guys!

Well, I’m back from Anime Midwest.  Sorry, but this report is gonna be a little short.  Not much honestly happened at this con.  On Friday I did my panel and we had a pretty damn good audience who was really engaged, so that was a plus.  For the rest of the con, I mostly just wondered around, met up with some friends.  I had an okay time.  There were some problems, but I would like to thank my friends who stand by me through everything.  You guys are great.

Also, just a quick plug.  I believe that you should all follow this awesome woman.  She’s very nice and has such an amazing “take no crap” attitude and is all about body positivity.  Her facebook page name is Nicolette Noir Cosplay.  You can reach her page here: https://www.facebook.com/nicolettenoircosplay

Well, That’s all I got for now.  Sadly, I think that Anime Midwest will most likely be my last con of the year.  Unless someone can REALLY convince me to come to another one, I think it’s time I take a break over here.

Now then, enjoy all these pics I took!

IMG_20140705_140916_243 IMG_20140705_144703_952 IMG_20140705_145535_011 IMG_20140706_163408_013 IMG_20140706_163354_130 IMG_20140706_151627_097 IMG_20140705_194120_607 IMG_20140705_160444_425 IMG_20140704_103020_484 IMG_20140704_110124_290 IMG_20140704_111322_025 IMG_20140704_110452_563 IMG_20140704_111649_052 IMG_20140704_121239_893 IMG_20140704_120335_438 IMG_20140704_115112_711 IMG_20140704_114413_424 IMG_20140704_113353_488 IMG_20140704_121311_739 IMG_20140704_121944_920 IMG_20140704_122005_048 IMG_20140704_122608_865 IMG_20140704_122944_052 IMG_20140704_125136_293 IMG_20140704_125105_518 IMG_20140704_125046_135 IMG_20140704_123221_714 IMG_20140704_123118_416 IMG_20140704_125621_470 IMG_20140704_125914_458 IMG_20140704_131533_198 IMG_20140704_131541_041 IMG_20140704_131721_753 IMG_20140704_150031 IMG_20140704_132348_342 IMG_20140704_132246_845 IMG_20140704_131952_049 IMG_20140704_131919_069 IMG_20140704_152356_917 IMG_20140704_152559_295 IMG_20140704_154229_976 IMG_20140704_160147_303 IMG_20140704_160418_178 IMG_20140705_111826_498 IMG_20140705_110717_648 IMG_20140705_110209_924 IMG_20140705_103155_744 IMG_20140705_102738_901 IMG_20140705_120307_406 IMG_20140705_130925_531 IMG_20140705_131724_886 IMG_20140705_133425_338