Hey guys!

Just thought I’d let you know that i’ll be going to Anime Crossroads next weekend.  It’s a con in Indianapolis, which I haven’t been to since I wasn’t even ten years old, so it’ll be cool to see that city again.  I’m really excited.

Now this isn’t just another con for me.  This is a chance for me to meet one of my favorite voice actors, Doug Smith.



Yeah, this guy.






Why do I like this guy so much?  Well, it’s because he voices this guy.











This is Kintaro Oe from the anime, Golden Boy, one of my favorite anime, and also who I will be cosplaying as on Friday.  I’m really looking forward to this day and to hopefully earn some VA pointers from this guy.

All in all, I really can’t wait for this con to happen.  Here are the other 2 cosplays all be sporting for Saturday and Sunday.















So yeah, I’m really exciting and I really just wish that Crossroads would just happen right now.  I hope to see many of you there.

Peace out!