Hello to all!

Got something to say to all of ya.  I\’ll be heading on over to C2E2 this weekend.  This is one of my favorite conventions that I go to and I just can\’t wait to see everyone and everything.  If you want to try and meet up with me, that would be awesome!

Heads up, everyone.  I\’ll be cosplaying as Hawkeye of the Avengers (the Jeremy Renner movie version) on Friday.  I\’ll most likely just be walking around, taking in all the sites and eating with awesome people, so look out for me on the convention floor.  On Saturday, I\’m going to be my own original design of a human version of WALL-E.  Yes, that WALL-E from Pixar.  I\’ve been wanting to be him for a while and C2E2 is where I will debut him finally.  Sunday, however, I won\’t be cosplaying.  I\’ll just be bumming around in a bright blue water tribe hoodie.

So yeah, be on the lookout for me because I love meeting new people.  Let\’s all be awesome at this con, okay?

See ya there!