What’s up, everyone? :D

Just thought I’d take some time here and officially announce that I’ll be heading over to Uchi-con happening this Saturday.  Uchi-con is a one day free anime con that takes place at the University of Chicago.  It’s very small and doesn\’t get much notice, but to be honest, I like those kinds of conventions.  Everything is more tightly knit and there is a lot more socializing.

So I’ll be going there dressed up at Hawkeye from the Avengers.  Expect to see a lot of pictures….okay some pictures.  Sometimes I’m too lazy to pull my cell out of my pocket.  I just get so distracted seeing all of the awesome things at cons.  Anyway, I’ll be taking pictures and will be delivering my report after I get back from the con.  If any of you are going to this, be sure to seek me out and we’ll do awesome stupid stuff.

Hope you all are keeping warm, I know I am.  Now if you’ll excuse, there’s a galaxy that needs savin!  *returns to Metroid Prime*