What’s up, y’all?

So, a while back, I was asked on Tumblr what I considered to be the best, worst, most fun, and most boring things about voice acting.  I already answered over there, but I wanted to post my answer on my official site right here for everyone else to see, so here you go!

Best:  Definitely the reaction that fans give when they realize that you’ve voiced a certain character.  The best ones are those who say things likes “That didn’t sound like you at all!” or “Wow, that character sounded nothing like you!”  I love those reactions because it means you’re doing your job.  They were totally fooled into thinking that it wasn’t you, that just shows how much of a versatile voice you got there.

Worst: I would have to say it’s the competition.  There’s countless other voice actors and actresses out there all clamoring for the same parts and sometimes, it just feels like you’re just another statistic, especially after a lot of time has passed since your last gig and you’re looking for one, but you can’t seem to land any.  It’s disheartening, but you shouldn’t let that get to you.  No giving up here!

Most Fun:  I had a lot of fun answering this and this is especially true for any VA who records at home.  The most fun thing would be that feeling of being anonymous.  Most of the time, no one is ever going to see your face, they’re only going to hear your voice in the recordings you send out.  You have absolutely no idea what we’re doing while we’re recording.  We could be butt naked and doing the sickest, most perverted things you could ever imagine and you don’t know.  You will never know, because you’ll only ever hear us, but never see us.

Most Boring:  Obviously it has to be the wait time between auditions.  You tryout for a ton of possible gigs and there’s that time when you just sit around and wait for them to message you back to see if you got the part or not.  Most of the time, they just message you if you got cast instead of just posting a general cast list and hoping you see it.  Sometimes this wait can be very very draining.

Anyway, I hoped you liked these answers.  See you next time!