Hey guys.  Finally back from my con.  Had a nice time.  I mostly just looked around and hung out with people.  Yeah…that’s pretty much all I did.   Anyway, enjoy all these pics I took at the con.  I’ll see you all at Anime Central.


IMG_20140427_134611_337 IMG_20140427_144723_328 IMG_20140427_152157_498 IMG_20140425_161038_229 IMG_20140426_102412_401 IMG_20140426_102850_648 IMG_20140426_122114_792 IMG_20140426_125914_348 IMG_20140426_125920_200 IMG_20140426_150946_754 IMG_20140426_183849_252 IMG_20140427_112247_534 IMG_20140427_112535_929 IMG_20140427_113310_782 IMG_20140427_124407_824