How’s it going everyone.  Hope the weather is nice for you. :)

I bet some of you might have noticed something just slightly different with my website.  Well, I finally got a new banner set up there.  I had it made for me by a wonderful artist by the name of Camille Ruley, who was referred to me by my VA friend, Sheila Gagne.  I really love this banner and I think I has a bit more life to it than my last one.

Oh, and I also had her make a new profile pic, which will be my face on all my other sites, particularly my facebook page.












I think this artist did a great job and I hope she gets even more customers.  Anyway, these pics will be my official brand images for all the sites i’m on.  I also think it was the right time for me to update my image.  Now that I have some good quality things on my resume, I feel confidant enough to submit to talent agencies again and it will be them something fresh to look at.  I could use some good juju from everyone so that things go well.

That’s the important stuff out of the way.  Only other thing I got is that I will be attending C2E2 this coming weekend.  I can’t wait to see everyone there and if you recognize me, don’t hesitate to say hello.  See ya there! :)