How’s it going, everyone?

SURPRISE!! I decided to change the theme of my website here. I really hope you like this simpler look. For a while, I’ve been wanting to try and figure out a way to make my website better looking and more efficient for possible clients. After looking at a couple other VO sites, I decided that it was time for a change.

I wanted a design that got rid of all of the clutter. I had both of those side bars that were all just different links that went to the same place. I had that giant banner picture right in the middle of it, making it a giant distraction. I don’t wish any offense to the wonderful artist who I commissioned to draw it for me. I still very much love it and I’m keeping it, it’s just merely time for a change in style. A style that is much more industrial and professional looking.  I’ve also taken the liberty of taking out my home page that greets you when you visit my site.  To help possible clients, the very first page you come to is now my demo reels.  This new layout just gets right down to business.

Fear not, my readers, I’m still gonna deliver the same wackiness I always give, both here and on my Facebook page, which will also be undergoing some style changes as well. Just thought I’d give you a bit of the rundown on how things will be looking from now on.
Thanks a lot for sticking around! Stay Awesome!