I had a friend contact me with an idea that was so good that i\’m slapping myself a lot for not thinking it up sooner.  Now think about it, i\’m a voiceover artist looking for work.  What if there was a place where many people who were looking for talent could come together?  Could such a place exist?  Well, it does, and it is called Newgrounds.

My friend is such a genius!  This place is full of people who create animations and games and most of them need voice actors to give life to their creations.  This place is perfect for me!  I already signed myself up there, here is the link to my profile.


Now, for those of you that are familiar with my site, I got those buttons on the top right that link to my like page, twitter, tumblr, etc.   Unfortunately, they do not provide a button for Newgrounds, so it looks like there will be no cool link  to that sadly.  Hopefully though, i\’ll have more opportunities to find work there, so whenever I post about Newgrounds, i\’ll provide the link like the one above every time I post about the place.  How\’s that sound?