Hey guys!

Well, I finally got back from Anime Central.  I got back yesterday, but I\’m posting this now since I was just too tired to write anything then.  I did so many things at that con that I was just beat and I had to fall right on my bed the instant I walked through the door, but all this fatigue couldn\’t compare to how much fun I had.

I can honestly say that I feel like I\’m starting to get my con jive back.  Last year, all the cons I went to just felt a bit awkward and I ended up getting more stressed instead of having fun, not this year though.  I can honestly say that I\’m starting to enjoy myself again.  This year\’s Acen went amazingly, I found old friends, made new ones, and my voice acting panel went so much better than I ever hoped for.

Friday went amazingly.  I dressed up as Hawkeye from The Avengers, which was received pretty well by everyone.  I kept myself from doing too much at first because I wanted to stay mindful of when my panel was going to be; time flies a bit too quickly at a con.  When the time came, I headed down to the hallway where my panel room was.  We couldn\’t really do anything because there was already a panel in there before ours.  However, as my co-panelists and I waited, the hallway started to fill up….a lot.  I realized that all these people were for my panel.  I never felt so giddy before in my life.  When the time came, we set up, took a big breath, and just delivered.  I gotta tell ya, it went so much better than we ever hoped for.  Everyone was enjoying it and told us that they learned so much.  I just felt so happy that everything went by without a hitch.   Here is a picture of our wonderful audience.







The rest of Friday went without a hitch.  I hung out with awesome people and even went to Hardcore Synergy rave.  I didn\’t stay for long though, I was getting tired pretty quickly.

Next up was Saturday.  I dressed up as WALL-E again and quickly found my friend Fox, who was my EVE back at C2E2.  A lot of people recognized us and thought we were one of the cutest cosplayers in the con, which really made my day.  We also totally rocked the Disney photo shoot since we were the only WALL-E and EVE there.  The real highlight of the day came when it was time to line up for the Masquerade.  They hadn\’t formed the official line yet, but people were still starting to make their own, and we though why not.  What was really amazing was that one of the Con ops people saw Fox\’s friend and how she was cosplayed and suddenly decided that our group would be the first in line.  I will repeat that.


I had never been first in line for anything con related before, especially not the masq, so this was a really big thing for me.  Back at past Acen\’s I would always get a crummy seat and I would never be able to take good pictures, but since we were placed in the third row from the stage, I could finally take pictures of all of the walk on cosplayers for the first time.  It was wonderful!  After the walk ons and the skits, I was actually invited to have dinner with one of my co panelists and all of her friends.  It was a lovely way to end the evening.

Sunday, like all cons, was the most relaxed day of the whole weekend.  I met up with some old friends and we just kinda walked around.  I was cosplaying as a character named Kintaro Oe from an old 80s anime called Golden Boy.  Not many people knew who I was sadly, but the ones that did were blown away that someone else knew about this old show.  It made my day to see them so happy.  Nothing really much happened on Sunday.  I left a bit early and had dinner at Mitsuwa with a new friend I made.  With the con all done and a belly full of ramen, it was time to head home.

All in all, I enjoyed myself this year.  I will admit that there were some moments that I kinda wish didn\’t happen, but I don\’t want to get into those.  I had fun this time, more fun than I did last year, which is good indeed.  I cannot wait for next year.  I\’ll try to bust out new cosplays and have even more fun next year.  Till then though, I\’m gonna concentrate on the next con, Anime Midwest!

That\’s my con report for you all.  Now go and enjoy yourselves with these lovely pics I have taken!


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