How\’s it going guys?

Well, Anime Midwest is finally done and over with and sadly, this is not going to be a very long report.  I didn\’t really do much of anything.  I walked around, I hung out with friends, I saw great cosplay, and I was able to do my panel again.  All in all, Anime Midwest was just the perfect con experience that I was looking for.  It was much calmer and more sociable than big cons like C2E2 and Anime Central.  Smaller cons like Midwest have a much more friendly atmosphere and to an extant, I can enjoy them more than big cons.

Friday and Saturday went by peacefully.  I pretty much just hung out with friends and I finally got to show them the two Gurren Lagann movies.  I\’ve been planning a little movie party with my friends to see both Gurren Lagann movies since they had never seen them and GL is one of the best anime I have seen ever.  So mostly Fri and Sat were spent just killing time, walking around and stuff, until the evening came and we can finally watch them.

Sunday then came and that was the day of my panel.  We had everything we needed for our lecture and we again had a full house.  Sadly though, some people left in the middle of our lecture.  Their loss I guess.  The majority that stayed thought that the panel was really informative and amazing and Sheila (my co-host) and I got so much praise.  I honestly feel blessed to be able to pull this off for people.

Anyway, that was my weekend for you.  Just one last thing.  I want you to like this page Fox Den Designs: (  This is run by someone amazing who makes nerdy themed hoodies, packs, and plushies.  She\’s an awesome person and you all need to like her work, so there!

Anyway, that\’s all from me.  Now enjoy all these pics I took.

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