How’s it going, everybody?

I just got back from Anime Midwest and let me tell you, I had the time of my life!  I was getting worried too.  Since C2E2 and Anime Central this year, I was under a lot of stress and had little bursts of depression here and there (I’m better now).  When I went to Midwest, I was so worried that I wouldn’t enjoy it like C2E2 and Acen, but I was very wrong.  I felt no stress whatsoever nor did I have any depression moments.  I honestly had a good time here.

So here’s what happened.  On Friday, I cosplayed as Sub-Zero, which surprisingly got a lot of positive response.  I love this cosplay, though it may seem simplistic compared to others, but since a lot of people like it anyway, I wasn’t complaining.  Pretty much, I did what I do at any other con, which was walk around aimlessly.  I met a lot of people and there was a lot to do.  The highlight of the day was my signing up to be auctioned off as a date.  Anime Midwest has both a ballroom waltz as well as a rave, but before those, you can participate in an auction to buy actual con attendees themselves to assure you a date to either the ball or the rave, or both.  So when my name got called to be auctioned, I never expected for the huge applause that Sub Zero was an auction item.  They asked me why peopled should buy and my answer was this:

“Think really hard about this.  Do you want your own personal ninja that is willing to do anything for you?”  That got some cheers and some Oooooooos from the audience, but then from out of nowhere, my friends tell me to do my deep raspy voice, so I repeated my answer talking like that, getting even more of a reaction.  What I didn’t expect was for the whole room to pretty much erupt when I mentioned on the spot that I was a voice actor.  At that moment, the lady host of the auction bought me on the spot, ignoring everyone else in the auction.  That was awesome.  I got to dance and to rave with her, which was amazing.

Saturday was next.  Not much else happened there that day, just more wondering.  I cosplayed as a samurai version of Link from The Legend of Zelda, which is one of my all time favorite cosplays.  I met up with my friend Eddie and met his friend, a girl named Bevan.  Yes, it’s pronounced exactly like my name, except with that B at the beginning, which we both found to be awesome.  The highlight of this day was that I got approached by someone who was advertising their own con that was set to happen in November.  She gave me her card and I found this to be a perfect moment for me to give her my card.  Once she saw that I was a voice actor, she begged me to come to her con, not as an attendee, but this time as a special guest.  My heart went a flutter right there, so I signed up as staff for her con to pay for my ticket in.  This will be my first official appearance at a con as a special guest, not as just another con goer, so that was a huge thing for me.  Later that day, I went to an awesome pool party with all of my buds and we even tried out a sauna.

Sunday was the day the con ended.  It was a day when nothing really happened, no really highlights about it.  I dressed up as Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket in Pokemon, which got an okay response.  I met up with some friends, hung out for a while, fought in a sword fight (and lost) and then I went home.

This con was amazing and I experienced so many awesome things.  Every person I met there made my time there much more awesome and I cannot wait to do it again.

Also, here are all of the pictures that I took at the con.  Enjoy!