Hey everyone!  I finally finished my second audio editing experiment! This is another scene from Mega Man X4 just like the first clip I used. While the first clip had only 2 characters talking and a few sound effects, this scene features 4 different characters, more sound effects than the last, and this is also my first time using background music. I\’d like to think that I\’ve improved since last time.

Here is the original clip.



Here is here my version.


And before anyone asks, yes, there is a dubbing issue at the 17 second mark where the hunter\’s mouth move for an instant and no sound comes out. That\’s not me, that\’s how it was in the game as you can see in the original footage. I decided to keep it in to stay true to the original clip.

It was a lot of fun working on this project and I hope to work on more in the future!