Hey guys!

Well, I have survived C2E2 2013 and have returned to tell the tale and what a tale it is!  I had a total blast coming back to this con, it\’s one of my favorites to go to next to Anime Central.  This year is starting out a bit better for me than last year and I hope that this kind of good fortune continues on through the con season.

So Friday for me started out well.  I was dressed up as Hawkeye from the Avengers (movie version), but sadly I was unable to bring my bow because they were exercising some stricter security there, so I was bowless for a while.  Thankfully, My friend brought her prop bow and she let me have it for the con.  Everyone seemed to love Hawkeye, though there were some times that I was mistaken for Green Arrow.  I mean come on, I was wearing black and purple, there wasn\’t a hint of green on me!  Anyway, walking around was excellent as always and I got to meet a bunch of new people and see some old ones as well.  Friday went very well.

Saturday, on the other hand, went even better.  It was the day that I officially debuted my own original cosplay of a human version of Pixar\’s WALL-E.  I was going to totally work that cosplay even though I knew that it was really simply designed and all of its pieces could easily be bought at a Target or something.  Anyway, I wasn\’t getting much of a reaction at the beginning, but thankfully, my friend Fox was able to make it and she was dressed up as EVE.  Not only that, she actually went through the trouble of bringing an old shoe with her filled with cocoa (to look like dirt) and green pipe cleaners to look like the plant.  After that, well, we kept getting stopped pretty much every 5 minutes.  Everyone thought we were the most adorable cosplay couple there.  It\’s the most amazing feeling to have something that you thought would just get passed over, but still get so much love for it.  I felt so blessed that day and I\’m seriously thankful for my friend Fox for agreeing to my EVE and bring the boot plant.

Sunday, being the last day of the con, things were winding down and I actually didn\’t stay for the whole time; never even bothered to cosplay.  I just felt like walking around, seeing the sights, meeting up with some familiar faces again, and then I headed out and went back home.  I am dead tired now, but I would say that this is a good official start to my con season.  Despite some awkward moments, I\’ve got a good feeling about this year.


Some awesome people the check out that I saw at the con!





And finally, here are all my pics from the con. There are a couple pics of me as Hawkeye and WALL-E in there, so look out for them!

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