Morning, everyone!

I got some news for you all.  The first game that I ever voiced for, Conspirocracy, is nearing completion.  There\’s still a lot to do in terms of development, but we are getting close now.  On that note, we now have our official IndieGoGo campaign!

It would mean the world if you would please take the time to look at the page and even more so if you donated a bit to this wonderful game.  Not only will you be funding the game\’s development, but half of the funds will be given to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

I had so much fun voicing many characters in this game as well as being in the same project as Edwyn Tiong, who I very much admire as a voice actor.  So please, take the time to donate.  You won\’t regret it!

Link to the campaign:

Link to the Foundation Fighting Blindness: