Hey y\’all!!

Well, Anime Central is next weekend and I\’m on the edge of my seat no matter where i\’m sitting.  I\’m been looking forward to this year of cons since last year.  Things haven\’t been going well and almost all cons I went to last year resulted in me getting stressed out instead of having fun.  Not this year though!  This year, I\’m feeling pumped, primed, and ready for all kinds of action!

Anyway, this is just a reminder that my friends and I will be hosting a panel at Acen.  It\’s called Voice Acting Industry: How to get in!  While there are many panels that teach people the actual art and process of voice acting, I have never seen a panel that teaches one how to actually find work as a voice actor.  That\’s where we come in!

I am super stoked to be hosting my very first big scale panel at friggin ANIME CENTRAL!!  Acen is the end all be all of cons in my area.  If any of you are interested in learning how to make money with your voice, be sure to visit my panel.  It\’ll be at 12:30 on Friday   Here\’s a visual aid if you need additional help.







I\’m counting down the days and getting everything prepared.  Yeah, I know that this post has no real meaning besides me gushing about my panel at Acen, but come on!  This is huge for me and I need to express it!

Anyway, I can\’t wait to see old friends and new faces there.  See ya at the con!