Hey everyone.  Sorry again for not posting as much.

Anyway, just a little bit of news.  I will be going to Ramencon next weekend.  This will be my first out of state con and i\’m super excited.  Yes, I know that Merrillville is not really that far from Chicago, but it\’s still technically in another state, so i\’m counting it.  For the few that follow me and are going to Ramencon as well, be sure to hit me up and we can chat and hang out.  I\’d love to see everyone.

So I won\’t be doing much at Ramencon, pretty much like any con, all i\’ll do is just walk around and hang out with awesome people.  For friday, i\’ll be cosplaying as Khan from Star Trek into Darkness.  Saturday will be Dust from Dust An Elysian Tail and/or a personified version of the website, Tumblr.  On Sunday, i\’ll be wearing my glorious Link hoodie that was made by Fox Den Desgins, who you should TOTALLY LIKE BY THE WAY!!!


So yeah, if any of you are seeing this, be sure to say hi!  See ya then!