What is up everyone?

I hopefully will be working on a new radio project that is being headed by a co star of mine on Fruit Basket.  A long time ago, there was a concept for a cartoon called Gotham High.  It was supposed to be a high school parody of Batman.  All of the characters were watered down high school versions of themselves and instead of the adventures of Batman, it’s more of a coming of age story of Bruce Wayne. We watch him as he struggles with high school as well as his rising urge to uphold justice.  Sadly, this entire project was forgotten before it even aired, much to the dismay of many fans.  All that exists is some scattered artwork of a show that never came to be.

But there is hope!

My friend on Fruits Basket plans to revive the project as a radio drama.  I’m SUPER EXCITED for this and I hope to see that this does well.  I have a feeling that this could be something huge.   Everyone I know who has heard of Gotham High wished that it was real and this could be just what they need.

With all that said, we need people to audition for this.  If you think you got the talent and the recording tech, then by all means, you are welcome to try out.  If you wish to be part of this, please contact [email protected] .  This is the email address for the main creator of the radio drama.

Well, that’s all I got.  I really do hope to see this project fully realized and that it does well out th