Oh man, I am so super giddy right now!

There’s this convention called Maneki Neko con.  It’s a small, one day anime con that’s happening at Prairie State in Chicago Heights.  I’m super excited about this because it’s where I will be having my first panel and I will be talking about voice acting and how to break into the business, in both the real industry and the internet as well.  Here is the link to that con, anyone who can come should!


Another piece of good news is that I was contacted by an online radio show known as 91.8 The Fan.  They talk about anime, video games, nerdy stuff, and they have interviews with well known voice actors.  Well, I was contacted by them today and they want an interview with me.  This will be my first interview as a voice actor and I’m super excited!!!  I’ll keep you all posted on when that’s happening, so stay tuned!