Wow, I have no idea what happened.  One day, everything was working fine with my site and all.  The next, day, everything is all screwed up and I can’t access my admin privileges.   I posted in forums and tried to contact my host.  I’m not sure if the message made it through or something, but then I tried again just now today and I was able to access everything again.

While I was able to access my admin panel again, I sadly lost all of my links and pages to all of my content, the only way to get around being you had to type in the full URL, but who wants to do that?  The good news was that all of my content was archived and all I had to do was just re-create all of my pages and then simply cut and paste all of my content into the new pages.  It was pretty simple and I did a quick test.  Everything should be working now.  To anyone viewing my site, if you come across any errors, please let me know and i’ll get right to them.  It looks like I lost all my pictures as well.  Sadly it looks like those are gone for good.  I’m really sorry, but don’t frown.  If you wish to see all of my convention photos, you can just go to my DeviantArt!  Just follow the link:

Anyway, thank you for your patience and I hope to not run into another problem like this again.   In the mean time, here’s a little gift from me to you.  I did another dramatic reading.  It’s a monologue from the famous Batman comic, The Killing Joke.