Hello, everyone!!

Well, I just got back from the Talkin For Bucks Voiceover Workshop in Chicago and let me tell you, I was having the time of my life.  I learned so much.  This Norm Woodel guy is a genius.  During his lecture, he talked about his personal experience in voice acting and also gave tons of hot tips on how to work in the industry, such as how to work a studio, try to be a resource to the client and not a problem, and lots of good recording etiquette.  One tip he gave completely blew my mind on how to perform voiceover, and that is that a salesperson will accent the adjectives, while a normal person in a conversation accents the nouns.  When I spoke some scripts that I had, it all made sense to me and my mind just blew.  I can’t wait the next time I get auditions from my agency to try out this new knowledge.

The real highlight of the day was when I sat down for a good one on one chat with Kathy Byrne, who works at SAG-AFTRA, which is the sole union for actors in the nation.  She helped me understand what it’s like to work with an agency, proper ways on giving your agent your voice audition, and also the details on what it’s like to work for a union and how to get into in.

Oh man, this was a big day for me and I hope that I’ll have a chance to use what I learned.  Here’s to hoping that with this new knowledge, I’ll be able to get people the performance that they want!

And now enjoy these pics!