Okay, I got two doses of good news coming out here!

First off, I’m starting a new thing with my like page and my tumblr.  I’ll be posting regular tips and tricks about voice acting in picture form.  I’ve been getting the feeling that just basic text posts don’t travel as far and/or don’t have as much of an impact on a person’s mind than an actual picture.  I’m gonna try and make this a consistent thing and I’ll add new tip pics whenever I think of something.  You can visit my Like page and Tumblr here.



Now for the big news.  I’ve recently been cast in the radio drama version of an anime called Baccano.  It’s a nonlinear story about a group of immortals in 20s Chicago.  At least…that’s what I’ve gathered.  It’s hard to follow a story when it’s all chopped up and randomly rearranged.  My character is Graham Spector, a crazy fellow who loves swinging a giant wrench.  Oh, I can tell I’m going to have fun with him.

So yeah, that all happened.  Here’s hoping you all are having just as good an evening as I am.