Hey guys!  Hope you all are doing well and staying warm.  I am officially done with this winter.  It just needs to stop being a dick right now. ><

Anyway, just a few updates.  Again, sorry I haven’t been posting much on here.    That actually brings me to my first bit of news.  Just now today, I made 2 big updates to my voice acting page on Facebook.  I’ve added a bandpage app which allows me to post my demos as simple mp3s.  I used to have them uploaded as videos (the same videos I have on youtube) and you would watch them like that, but honestly, I never liked how that looked.  Oh!  And in speaking of Youtube, I’ve added a new Youtube Videos app as well.  Now you don’t have to actually go to my channel to see my video gallery, it’s now directly posted on to my page in a very nice and clean format.  Both of these updates will surely help my page look much better for followers.  Be sure to take a look and give the page a like!

My Page: https://www.facebook.com/evanbremervoiceover

Now to my next bit of news.  I just got cast in another upcoming animation project called Chibi Me!  A Go-Animate series about two worlds, the normal real world, and the magical chibi world, and a huge conflict rising between the two.  I play a guardian named Matteo.  I can’t wait to work on this project!







Hm….This character actually kinda looks like me in real life…..

Anyway, that all I got for now.  Be sure to check out my facebook page if you want more updates on whatever is going on.   Stay awesome, y’all!