What\’s up, y\’all?

Got a couple updates for ya.  First off, just yesterday, I voiced in my very first game.  It\’s that JRPG style game I talked about before in an earlier post, Esper Wing Chronicle 2.  I only had a few lines, they were only battle quotes  but it was still very exciting to record them knowing where they were going.

Okay, now for the bigger update!  Recently, while I was just kind shopping around for stuff, I bumped into this elderly woman and we started to go into some small talk.  Somewhere along the way, I mentioned that I was a voice actor.  This seemed to perk her up and she mentioned that she had a niece (or daughter, I can\’t remember which) who works in a media group all the way in Los Angeles  Now, L.A. is pretty much the final destination for anyone who wants to get into the entertainment business, voice actors included.  She told me that her…uh…relative was going to be here in Illinois visiting her and other family and she would try to put in a good work for me, so I gave her my business card and we parted ways.  I gotta tell ya, i\’m pretty psyched about this and I really do hope that something happens from all this.

One last tidbit, I got all my lines for the second game i\’m a part of, Conspirocracy.  This is that game being made for charity and I was given three whole characters to voice.  I\’ll be getting to work on those today.  Anyway, Hope you all are having a good day and I\’ll give you an update on these 3 things if anything happens.  See y\’all later!