It finally happened yesterday (well, the day before yesterday, but it was late and I was super tired.)  I finally hit 300 likes on Facebook.  It\’s been a long time coming since I first created the page back in April last year.  I honestly never thought I would get this much support ever; I barely have any credits to my name on my resume.

Oh and hey!  In speaking of my resume, I\’ve been getting a lot of projects recently.  In just a  couple months, I\’ve already been cast in two games as their villain, a third game as the main protagonist, 2 animations, and just a couple days ago, while I was recording for one of the games, The Fall of Arzo, another guy over Newgrounds suddenly up and asked me to do a few lines for him for his parody commercial of the X-Box One.  I\’ve been getting a lot of attention recently and it humbles me.  I know that compared to many other people out there, this may not seem like much attention and work, but to me it is.  I\’ve never been this active before and it\’s exhilarating.

I wanna take a moment to thank everyone who supported me.  (yes, I know I already made a post like this on Facebook, but I wanna put it on my site so it feels official to me, so hush! ><)  I will confess that I have days when I feel like nothing goes on and things can get a little depressing.  These moments don\’t last long thankfully and I get some kick ass support from friends and family, so I know that good things happen and will happen in the future.  I recently came across this picture on Facebook and it helps perk up my spirits a bit, also because i\’m a total Whovian.






I\’m gonna continue to work hard, get more credits under my name, think up some creative ways to make money with my talent and know how here.  I can\’t wait to see what the future holds.

Let\’s take this one step at a time, shall we?