When it comes to going to anime conventions, one of the best things to see are the voice actors for anime.  They are the idols of the american anime fan community and it comes to no surprise that the general desire by fans is to voice in an anime.  Now I cannot deny that I want just that and I am willing to put in all the time and effort needed, but I realize that it\’s still a long way off and I need more credits under my belt as well as more practice with my voice and my acting.

I digress.  I\’ve been snooping around I found a sweet guide on the Voice Acting Alliance forums that gives a nice description on what it takes to try out as a voice actor for an anime dubbing group like Funimation.   Bear in mind though, this is NOT a guide on how to get a job with anime dubbing organizations.  This is a description on how to have a CHANCE to AUDITION for possible work.  For those who hold the desire and the conviction of wanting to voice in anime, then this guide will hopefully lead you in the right direction.

Link to the guide is here: http://voiceactingalliance.com/board/entry.php?1722-How-to-audition-for-FUNimation