Dang, it\’s been a while since I last posted on my site here.  Sorry for just kinda leaving you all hanging.  I have been posting more on my like page lately, so if you want more constant updates as well as see stuff on other fun things that are not just voiceover related, you can like my official page using the Facebook back on the right side of your screed, above my twitter feed.  You could also just click the link here: https://www.facebook.com/evanbremervoiceover

So yeah, sorry I haven\’t been updating.  Things have been rather slow over on my end.  The biggest news I have is sadly not good news.  If you haven\’t heard already from what I posted on Facebook, I had to sadly stop making the radio drama adaptation of 8-Bit Theater.  I feel that it was not the right time to start my own production of anything.  I feel horrible since I went through a whole audition process and cast a whole bunch of talented people, now I know that I let down a bunch of them when I put this project to bed.  I can\’t worry about that now.  I really don\’t wish to sound offensive or egotistic or uncaring, but I feel that I need to worry about myself and work on improving myself before I can try and organize a big thing like this.  I bit off more than I can chew.

Now for some happy stuff!  I got cast in another fun project that I found on Voice Acting Alliance called The Spark.  I play a character named Travis.  I\’ll release more info when it gets closer to completion.  I also recently went to KollisionCon.  Sadly, I only went there for one day, but what a fun day I had.  I got to meet one of my all time favorite voice actors, Scott McNeil.  If you don\’t know who he is, he\’s the voice of Dinobot, Rattrap, Silverbolt, and Waspinator in Beast Wars.  Those are just the roles i\’m familiar with, he\’s done countless others.  I went to his panel about voice acting and he gave some very valuable info, such as when reading lines, you can\’t just talk like a character, you have to literally become him.  You need to enjoy what you are doing as your character and think up his entire history and persona.  I\’m taking all of his info very seriously!

Here is a picture of me with him!











My classes at The Second City are still going well.  While this is still just a beginning course on voice training, I actually have been learning some things I never knew before, so I know that these classes aren\’t a waste, plus it\’s fun being there.  Everyone seems so happy and spirited.  I can\’t wait til I go to the next class, which is all about dialects.

Anyway, that\’s all from me right now.  I\’ll try to be more active for you all, but like I said, I post more on facebook than I do here.  Plus, I post and reblog on Tumblr almost religiously.  You can follow me on tumblr here: http://ebvoice.tumblr.com/

See ya\’ll next time!