I want to take this time to say something.

When I chose to have a career in commercial voiceover, I did so fully knowing that it would most likely be a few years before I actually land a gig.  I\’ve been wanting to be a voice actor since 2007, but I never truly made the move to be professional until around mid 2011.  Since then, I\’ve been auditioning  every chance I get as well as trying to keep up with all of the connections I have.  I also have to constantly maintain my web presence, which means trying to keep updating my site here as well as my fanpage on facebook and my twitter, it\’s a lot to take care off.  What I\’m trying to say is that when I chose this career path, It wasn\’t because I got lucky and some big time producer found me and gave me my break.  Everything I\’ve done here, I\’ve done myself of my own power.  I did have some lucky moments, but overall, this was all my own hard work.

Now I don\’t normally write posts like these and I actually hope to not do these too often, but the reason I wrote this was because I recently read this blog article about what it takes to begin a career as a voice actor.  Here is the link right here.


This was written by Dee Bradley Baker, an esteemed voice actor who you may have heard as the voice of Appa and Momo in Avatar the Last Airbender as well as countless other roles.  Reading this really gave me a reality check on what it takes to be a voice actor.  I knew what I would have to do to get into this industry, what this did was remind me of how much effort it would take to do it.  I highly recommend anyone who plans to get into voiceover to read this.  It will show you just how much you have to do to get into this business.

Even after reading all this, I still consider the career in commercial voiceover to be a wise choice.  I still work very hard, I make as many connections as I can, and best of all, I\’m actually having fun while i\’m doing all this.  As Confucious says, choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.  I don\’t know about you all, but I still think I found just that.