I am honestly excited by the idea of submitting to talent agencies again. When I did it the first time, years ago, I didn’t have have a resume at all, just two simple demos. Now, I have pretty good list of credits including some paid gigs, one of which was a nice corporate presentation narration.
Just want to take a moment to thank everyone who stuck with me and supported me in these times. I’m still chugging along and I don’t plan to stop. To all the new people who liked my page, I hope you enjoy this adventure in voice acting that i’m taking. It will be filled with hi-jinks, laughs, emotions, cosplay, and so many other fun things.
Lastly, to everyone who doubted me, put me down, and hurt me. My friends and I will be laughing at you all the way in L.A. when I finally do make it to the big time as a voice actor!

This has been a post from a recently invigorated Evan Bremer.