Good morning everyone!

Yeah, I know that this post is at a weird time.  I woke up way too early and I got nothing to do, but then I figured now might as well be a good time for me to update you on a couple things that have been going on over here.

Firstly, I’ve been making some changes to all of the sites that i’m on, like facebook, twitter, deviantart, etc.  I wanted to make things just a little more consistent, so what I did was change all of my usernames on every site I’m on to EBVoice.  I’ve noticed that I’ve been using this particular name more often than not with some other sites and I figured why not.  Let’s make that my official internet handle.

Other than that, not much else has been going on over here.  Been doing a lot more auditions lately.  I’ve been trying to keep myself busy.  Still somewhat nervous for Anime Midwest.  I just hope that all goes well.  I got a lot of awesome friends who are being very supportive, so I know i’ll still have people to hang with at the con.

Oh, and in speaking of that, I’ve recently started to get back into League of Legends.  I stopped playing for a while due to my lack of talent, but i’m trying again now, so let’s just see how long i’ll last this time.  If you’re interested in playing a round, my sorcerer name there is Omender.  Don’t relax though, i’ll be changing it to EBVoice soon, once I get enough points to buy a name change.

That’s all I got going on right now.  Hope everyone is having a good summer.  Stay cool!