Hey everyone,

So today was the launch of the official strike of voice actors.  From what I understand (because I’m not there), voice actors are looking for respectable compensation for the efforts they put into their performances and the stress that is put upon them, mentally and physically.

And from what I understand.  The production studios, particularly video game producers, aren’t taking voice actors seriously.  Apparently, one of the negotiators said to Tara Strong that voices are necessary at all and that games will still sell well.  That’s just one of the things I heard.  Just check out the #performancematters tag on twitter to see more of what’s going on.

Let me ask you something.

Would The Last of Us still sell as well without Troy Baker’s performance as Joel?

Would any of the Batman Arkham Games sell if they didn’t include Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill?

Would any of the Mass Effect games sell without the acting of Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale?

And despite not talking all that much compared to other characters, would Mario still be the charming heroic plumber without the fanciful voice of Charles Martinet?

The answer is no.  The developers and producers may have created these characters, but it was the voice actors that brought them to life.  It was the voice actors that gave them depth and feeling and brought a connection between them and the players.

While I cannot actually be there, I stand with all my peers and colleagues during this strike.  Voice actors needs to be respected.  Voice actors needs to be taken just as seriously as big name holly wood actors.  It’s just as legit an art form as anything else out there.



If you want to read  more about the strike, check out this article: