How’s it hanging, everyone? :D

Man, it’s been a while since I updated here.  Been pretty lax where I am I will admit, but something good happened just yesterday. My VABFF, Sheila, got the idea of renting a studio (Noisefloor in this case) and getting some good coaching from our mentor, Deb Doetzer, as well as getting some recording done.  All of this was just for the purpose of keeping ourselves in top shape and to get us motivated again as well as help us when it comes to self-directing ourselves whenever we do auditions alone.

It was nice to get some validation that we both have pretty good instincts when it comes to self directing, just a couple things needed to be tweaked here and there.  We even got some studio quality recordings in the process!

Oh man, this was honestly just what I needed to get myself recharged and re-motivated when it comes to voice work, especially with auditions.  Sometimes you just need to do something big like this to remind yourself that you’re gonna do big things.

Anyway, that’s all I got.  Here are some of the recordings we did at the studio.

Here’s the best take I did for a mock McDonald’s Spot.


And here are two takes both Sheila and I did for a Dunkin Doughnuts Spot.  The first clip is before any direction and the second is after we got some pointers.

[audio:|titles=DunkinDonuts_1_.mp3] [audio:|titles=DunkinDonuts_4_.mp3]

And here are the pics I took during my time there!

20141226_181443 20141226_175035 20141226_173539 20141226_172916 20141226_172712 20141226_173929 20141226_190538 20141226_172705 20141226_191139