Well, this is awkward.  It looks like my site was having issues again.  Apparently, my posts that had a youtube video embedded into them would lead to an internal server error.  Honestly don’t know why or how, but I deeply apologize for any and all trouble you might have had.  I think I have resolved the issue by getting an actual wordpress youtube plugin.  I’ll be using that instead of the old method of embedding.  So far, it works and the posts don’t lead to an error.

One last thing.  I check my views and I still see a few people visit my posts about Gotham High.  I checked those old posts and it looks like the videos have messed up in a way that I cannot fix on my end, but all is not lost.  All of the Gotham High Radio Play is on the official Gotham High Radio channel on youtube.  You can get to it from this link here:


Again, sorry for the trouble.  I hope nothing like this happens again. ><