Okay, I want to get a little serious here.

We voice actors work our hardest to provide good stuff for people.  We’re a talented bunch and we need money in order to make our living.  Sometimes these gigs can pay thousands of dollars and they are what allow us to be able to afford a decent life.  It’s hard in this industry, but the thrill is worth it.

That being said, we will never sell ourselves short for any reason.  Let me tell you a little story about the site, The Voice Realm.

The Voice Realm is a pay to play site that acts like a talent agency.  You submit your material for them to approve.  If you get accepted, you get listed on their site for possible clients to come and find you.  The rates are already pre-selected for you, but they aren’t that bad.  It’s the cost for actually pretty good exposure.  However, Voice Realm came under fire just a couple days ago because someone found out that they were listing all of their professional talent on a doman called Cheap Voiceover Talent.  It’s another place where you can land gigs…..for only $55.

Needless to say, all us voice actors are pissed off to say the least.  We are worth so much more than just 55 bucks.  This is beyond insulting.  I deleted my account on Voice Realm with no hesitation at all.

Now, if you want to get all of the full and juicy details about what happened, head on over to Marc Scott’s blog, he’s another big time voice actor and also the one that discovered this scandal.  http://marcscottvoiceover.com/protecting-my-brand-why-i-deleted-my-voice-realm-account/

Stay safe everyone, and be weary of pay to play sites!