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Conspirocracy is Out!!

Short post, but good post!

Conspirocracy is finally out at last!! Follow the link and buy yourself a copy.   All proceeds are donated to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.
I voice 5 different characters in this game and you also get to bare witness to the vocal talents of Omahdon and Sheila M. Gagne: Voice-Over.  What are you waiting for you?  Buy the game now!

Here is the link to get the game:

Coming to Anime Crossroads 2013

Hey guys! Just thought I’d let you know that i’ll be going to Anime Crossroads next weekend.  It’s a con in Indianapolis, which I haven’t been to since I wasn’t even ten years old, so it’ll be cool to see that city again.  I’m really excited. Now this isn’t just another con for me.  This…

Conspirocracy is Coming!

I have great news for everyone!  The very first game I ever voiced for, Conspirocracy, is officially complete and will be released on December 8th!  I voice a whopping 5 different characters in this game, so let’s see if you can spot them all.  Also, some other voice actors worth following.  Omahdon voices the main protagonist, David Paulson, and Sheila M Gagne voices his ex-wife and some extras.

I’ve got to say, being a part of this project has been a blast and I can’t wait to be a part of more projects in the future.  Also, when you buy this game, all proceeds will be sent to the Foundation Fighting Blindness, so getting this game will help a good cause.  In fact, you can pre-order this game for the low price of $9.99 right now!

Just click on this link to get the game:


Coming to Anime Midwest

How\’s it going everyone? I hope you all are having a good con season this year, I know I am!  I got some good news for you all.  I\’ve been getting some comments from friends and others that they were never able to make it to my panel at Anime Central.  Well, you shouldn\’t fret! …

Going To C2E2!

Hello to all! Got something to say to all of ya.  I\’ll be heading on over to C2E2 this weekend.  This is one of my favorite conventions that I go to and I just can\’t wait to see everyone and everything.  If you want to try and meet up with me, that would be awesome!…

C2E2 Excitement and Cool Sites to Check

Hey guys!  Sure been a while since I last posted.  Sorry for being silent for a while.  I’ve been going through some issues, but don’t worry about me.  Things are looking up up up! Anyway, I just thought I’d let you guys know that I’m aiming to appear at C2E2 coming this April.  It’s a…

Now It\’s Official

What’s up, everyone? :D Just thought I’d take some time here and officially announce that I’ll be heading over to Uchi-con happening this Saturday.  Uchi-con is a one day free anime con that takes place at the University of Chicago.  It’s very small and doesn\’t get much notice, but to be honest, I like those kinds of…

Finally Something to do on Youtube

Hey everyone! Good news.  I finally figured out something to do with my Youtube page.  It was pretty quiet there without any theme or any kind of good, consistent content, so I’ve made a move to get my name out there.  From this day forth, I’ll be doing dramatic readings of fanfics I find on…

Voiceover Panel at Anime Central 2013

Hey, what’s up everyone? I have some big news for you all.  I will be officially showcasing a panel at Anime Central 2013.  It’s called “Voice Acting Industry: How to get in!”  A couple others and I will be hosting a lecture about what it takes to get into the voiceover business as well as…

Furuba Episode 20

Sorry for the long wait on this one, but the latest episode is finally out!!  Hope you enjoy and that you\’re all caught up!