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Anime Central 2017 Report

Sorry for the week late report, everyone! Anime Central was amazing this year. I got a lot of swag and made many new friends. However, the best part of the con was to read for Bang Zoom! They were hosting casting calls for an upcoming dub for March Comes in Like a Lion. I sadly…

Anime Central 2016 Report

How’s it going, everyone? Anyway, I just got back home from Anime Central 2016 and boy was it an amazing time.  Hung out with my girlfriend and a bunch of all our other buds.  We played around, took pics, saw some panels, it was a great time. In speaking of panels, the two I was…

Anime Central 2015 Report

How’s it going, everyone?

Well, I’m back from Anime Central 2015.  I gotta say that I honestly had a blast this time compared to last year’s conventions.  I got to see most of my friends and I actually stuck around and traveled with them a lot.  Much more fun to be with friends at a con.  There’a honestly not much to say about the con this time though.  I never went to any of the panels they had except for the ones that I hosted myself.

Late on Saturday night, I helped host the Improv, I Choose You panel and it was a total blast.  Everyone got up and did improv and even performed for all of the other audience members.  I always love seeing people have fun.  On Sunday, we hosted our classic Voice Acting Industry: How to Get In! panel.   We had the biggest audience we’ve had yet and they were clearly the most enthusiastic.  They all reacted so well to our information and they thanked us all for helping them learn.

While this did have some tense moments, Acen 2015, was a definite improvement over last year.  I want to thank everyone who helped me have a good time there.   Now take the time to enjoy all of the pics I took of the con!

Stay Awesome!

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Anime Central 2014 Report

How’s it hangin everyone?

Well, I’m back from Anime Central.  I waited til today to post my report because I wanted to spend the rest of yesterday recovering from the con.  All in all, I would say that I had an okay time.  I will confess, there are some issues going on, but i’ll spare you from the drama.

Anyway, both the voice over and improv panel on Friday went well.  We got a full house for both of them, even to the point where the con ops had to keep more people from coming in.  I felt sad that they couldn’t attend.  Oh well.

As for the other two days, I spent them just sorta walking around, hanging with people, trying to keep my mind occupied.  Some tense moments, some good moments.  Sunday was actually the best day because I got to hang with my friend Caitlin.  She can be really motivating and she got me pumped on the idea of not only getting back into working out, but also starting a group cosplay for next year.  We’re all so pumped that we’ve already started production, so stayed tuned for that.

All in all, I would say that compared to other Acen’s, this was sadly the worst one.  Not because of the con itself, but just stuff that happened around the same time.  Still I left feeling satisfied and I hope that next year is better.  As for my next con, i’ll be shooting for Anime Midwest!

Hope everyone else had fun.  Now here are all the cosplay pics I took!

IMG_20140516_135609_544 IMG_20140516_135635_998 IMG_20140516_135648_219 IMG_20140516_135702_885 IMG_20140516_135828_016 IMG_20140516_140943_548 IMG_20140516_141307_141 IMG_20140516_164321_945 IMG_20140516_164637_124 IMG_20140516_173638_853 IMG_20140516_175348_963 IMG_20140516_175917_026 IMG_20140516_180400_499 IMG_20140517_131522_410 IMG_20140517_133220_757 IMG_20140517_203747_825 IMG_20140515_171237_456 IMG_20140516_095922_763 IMG_20140516_100402_202 IMG_20140516_101644_008 IMG_20140516_103453_851 IMG_20140516_124525 IMG_20140516_134550_156

Anime Central 2014 Panels!

What’s up everyone!   We are now exactly one week away from Anime Central, the best convention I’ve ever gone to.  Man, it feels great to go to this again, it’s been so long and I really hope to have a good time there.  I’m in sore need of it. Anyway, I just thought I’d…

Gotham High Ep. 6 and Acen Panel!!

How’s it going everyone? :D

I got some great news.  Two great things happened just yesterday.  First off is the next episode of Gotham High.  Episode 6 is FINALLY OUT!!  It’s been so long since the last episode was released.  Sorry for it being so late.  Our creator had so many other things to do that took up time, but you don’t have wait any longer!

Now for the next bit of news.  I will be once again hosting my panel, Voice Acting Industry, How to get in!, at Anime Central this year.  I just got the approval yesterday!  So be sure to join me and my friend, Sheila, as we delve into the industry, tell you how to be a part of it, and various dos and don’ts.  Hope to see you there.

That’s all I got for now.  Stay awesome, y’all!

Just Some Updates

How’s it going everyone? :D Yeah, I really need to post more often here.  Again, I post much more often on my facebook page, which you can get to by following this link here: https://www.facebook.com/evanbremervoiceover Anyway, things have been pretty okay over here.  It was slow and even a little down for a while, but things…

Coming to Anime Midwest

How\’s it going everyone? I hope you all are having a good con season this year, I know I am!  I got some good news for you all.  I\’ve been getting some comments from friends and others that they were never able to make it to my panel at Anime Central.  Well, you shouldn\’t fret! …

Anime Central 2013 Report / A Whole Lot of Pics

Hey guys! Well, I finally got back from Anime Central.  I got back yesterday, but I\’m posting this now since I was just too tired to write anything then.  I did so many things at that con that I was just beat and I had to fall right on my bed the instant I walked…

Cosplay and Body Type – It Doesn\’t Matter!!

It seems like cosplayers these days just can never catch a break.  If you\’ve been following my posts, you should remember one I wrote about the Cosplay =/= Consent movement started by the 16-Bit Sirens.  They were trying to raise awareness of cosplayers who are the victim of unwanted sexual harassment because of how they are dressed…