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Another Adventure in Audio Editing

Hey everyone!  I finally finished my second audio editing experiment! This is another scene from Mega Man X4 just like the first clip I used. While the first clip had only 2 characters talking and a few sound effects, this scene features 4 different characters, more sound effects than the last, and this is also my…

Voice Acting Industry: How to Get In! Now in Video!

Wow, it\’s been awhile since I updated here.  Sorry for being silent for a while.  I just never really had anything worth posting about after Anime Midwest.  I don\’t have much to write about now, but I still got something big to show you all.

It took a long time, but we finally got a video of our entire panel from Anime Midwest 2013!!  We go through the whole process of what it takes to be a voice actor, all the various dos and don\’ts, as well as other places where you can get help as well as notice for your work.  I\’m so happy to be finally showing all of you this!!

Voice Acting Tip Pics Part 3

                Now you might be thinking that I’ve already touched on his subject before since I already posted a tip pic about how voice acting should be considered as real as stage and TV acting. Well, you’re not exactly wrong, but this can be thought of a little…

My Personal Tech

I thought I might take the time to write about the kind of equipment that I use when doing my voiceover.  Now i\’m not saying that i\’m a total know it all when it comes to having the right tech.  To a certain extant, it\’s sometimes just personal preference and what you are willing to…