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Time for an Upgrade

How’s it going, everyone? You know, I’ve been working at being a voice actor for quite a long time; I think for about over 3 years.  The entire thing has been a ride and I’m proud of all of the accomplishments and friends I’ve made along the way. Anyway, I’m not the same guy I…

Dinosaur Sharing Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for the Dinosaur Sharing Song is now live!! Be sure to donate and spread this around to everyone you know!!
Here is the link to the kickstarter itself: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/567516446/dino-sharing-song-animation-and-book

And here is the kickstarter video for you!


2 New Paid Gigs!!

Hey guys!!  Got some big updates for you! Just as the title says, I got two new paid voiceover gigs happening soon.  I’m super psyched that work is coming my way more often now.  Maybe this could be a sign for things to come.  Anyway, where is the breakdown on the two new gigs  …

The Three Little Raptors

Hey guys!! So I got awesome news.  The children’s animation I voiced for is finally up,  The Three Little Raptors and the Big Bad Rex.  I’m so happy that this is finally released and I just love the finished product.  I voice two of the raptors, Whiny and Spiny, while my VA BFF, Sheila M. Gagne, voices the third raptor, Tiny.

I’m also extremely happy that I’ve a part of this because it’s been a long time since I’ve been involved in an animation project.  All of the others that i’ve voiced in are still in development, so it’s nice to see something completed! I hope you enjoy this video!  Have a golden day!

2 Paid Projects!!

Hey guys!! So happy things today!  A while back, I actually got cast in 2 paid projects!!  Both within just a couple days of each other!  I’m so psyched that things are picking up right now!! Okay, so the first project is called Side Quest.  It’s a CGI fantasy web series about this sub-par group…

My First Compilation Demo!

What’s up, everyone!!

Well, I finally did it!  I have completed my very first compilation demo.  Unlike my other demos, which just features voices I made just for them, this demo features snippets from actual published works that I’ve voiced in!  This collection features clips from (in order):

GGM Stencil Flooring Presentation
Conspirocracy (5 Different Characters)
Gotham High
Artists At The Ready
Dead on the Horizon
Chibi Me!

Again, I’m so happy to be able to pull this off and if I keep getting cast in things, I’ll make more of these compilations.  I’ll make a special spot for them on the demo page of my site here.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the first one I made!

My First Corporate Gig – Now You Can See It!

Hey everyone!
So do you all remember a while back when I landed my first paid corporate presentation gig? Well, Now you can finally watch the finished product. I don’t know about you, but seeing this is just giving me fireworks. All props to Constantine Krystallis for creating the presentation.  You can even visit his animation site right here: http://www.animationtime.com/


Chibi-Me! Episode 1

Hey guys!

Great news, one of my more recent projects, Chibi-Me!, has finally put out its first episode on Go-Animate.  It feels great to be able to hear my voice come out of an animated character like this.  I personally think everyone did a great job work on this and it will only go up from here.  I play Matteo, the blonde ninja.

Here is the link to the first episode.  Sadly, all I can do is link it for you since there’s no embed code for me to put into the post.  Hopefully that won’t be an issue.

Hope you enjoy!!


Got Cast – Ataxia

Heads up guys! I’ve just been cast as not one, but TWO characters in the upcoming game, Ataxia. Their names are Isaac and Commissioner Ruggles. This is a combination of a beat em up (like River City Ransom) and a platformer (like Dust: An Elysian Tail.) I can’t wait to work with these people!


Page Updates and a New Role

Hey guys!  Hope you all are doing well and staying warm.  I am officially done with this winter.  It just needs to stop being a dick right now. >< Anyway, just a few updates.  Again, sorry I haven’t been posting much on here.    That actually brings me to my first bit of news.  Just…