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Whoops! (also concerning Gotham High Videos)

Well, this is awkward.  It looks like my site was having issues again.  Apparently, my posts that had a youtube video embedded into them would lead to an internal server error.  Honestly don’t know why or how, but I deeply apologize for any and all trouble you might have had.  I think I have resolved…

Site Error, Lost all my Pics, And a new video

Wow, I have no idea what happened.  One day, everything was working fine with my site and all.  The next, day, everything is all screwed up and I can’t access my admin privileges.   I posted in forums and tried to contact my host.  I’m not sure if the message made it through or something,…

Gotham High Episode 5 \”A Thousand Impossible Things\”

Here we have episode 5 of Gotham High.  The students try to put together a production of Alice in Wonderland and….things don\’t go as planned. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3kzx3GfnO8&w=640&h=385]

C2E2 2013 Report

Hey guys! Well, I have survived C2E2 2013 and have returned to tell the tale and what a tale it is!  I had a total blast coming back to this con, it\’s one of my favorites to go to next to Anime Central.  This year is starting out a bit better for me than last…

Gotham High Episode 4 \”Pet Project\”

Episode 4 is finally out.  We get the meet the mysterious Henri Ducard finally.  I\’m all excited now!

Gotham High Episode 3 “All Around Me”

Hey!! Episode 3 of Gotham High is finally up. The Joker, voiced by yours truly, is back after vanishing for an episode.

Gotham High Episode 2 \”Beaks and Geeks\”

Hey guys!  The new episode of Gotham High is finally out.  Sadly I, the class clown, do not make an appearance in this episode, but I will return in the next one.  I still think you should listen to all of this series though, we put a lot of work into this.

Gotham High Episode 1 \”Dance the Knight Away\”

Awesome, the first episode of our new Batman radio drama, Gotham High, has officially debuted!!  Go and have a listen.  Be sure to listen for me as Jack Napier.

New Radio Drama Project – Gotham High

What is up everyone? I hopefully will be working on a new radio project that is being headed by a co star of mine on Fruit Basket.  A long time ago, there was a concept for a cartoon called Gotham High.  It was supposed to be a high school parody of Batman.  All of the…