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New Reading – Flappy Bird Reviews

So there’s this new mobile game out called Flappy Bird.  I downloaded and played it myself and yeah, it’s pretty hard.  Some reviews of it came across my dashboard on Tumblr and from what I’m seeing, some people have actually been driven insane by this game. I decided to do a little comedic interpretation some two of these reviews.  I hope you enjoy. :)

Conspirocracy is Out!!

Short post, but good post!

Conspirocracy is finally out at last!! Follow the link and buy yourself a copy.   All proceeds are donated to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.
I voice 5 different characters in this game and you also get to bare witness to the vocal talents of Omahdon and Sheila M. Gagne: Voice-Over.  What are you waiting for you?  Buy the game now!

Here is the link to get the game: http://www.desura.com/games/conspirocracy