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Everything I am, I Owe to The Joker.

Those of you who know me personally know the exact reasons why I wanted to get into voice acting while those of you who don\’t know me as well might still be a bit in the dark.  Yes, you may read my Bio page on my site here which explains my love for voiceover and…

Training at The Second City

Morning, everyone!  Hope you all are doing well. Anyway, I got some news for you all.  Starting this Tuesday, I will officially be taking acting and voice training at The Second City in Chicago.  For those of you who don\’t know what The Second City is, it\’s the acting company that spawned some of the…

Gotham High Episode 5 \”A Thousand Impossible Things\”

Here we have episode 5 of Gotham High.  The students try to put together a production of Alice in Wonderland and….things don\’t go as planned. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3kzx3GfnO8&w=640&h=385]

Fruits Basket Radio Drama Episode 24 – Still Sleeping

Episode 24 has finally been released.  Who\’s up for some more feelz?

Fruits Basket Radio Drama Episode 22 – Halfway

Finally!  After so many long months of nothing happening, episode 22 of Fruits Basket is finally out.  It\’s been a long time coming and it\’s great to return to this series again.  Prepare for some more Ayame hijinks!!

Cosplay and Body Type – It Doesn\’t Matter!!

It seems like cosplayers these days just can never catch a break.  If you\’ve been following my posts, you should remember one I wrote about the Cosplay =/= Consent movement started by the 16-Bit Sirens.  They were trying to raise awareness of cosplayers who are the victim of unwanted sexual harassment because of how they are dressed…

Gotham High Episode 4 \”Pet Project\”

Episode 4 is finally out.  We get the meet the mysterious Henri Ducard finally.  I\’m all excited now!

Voice Acting Tip Pics Part 3

                Now you might be thinking that I’ve already touched on his subject before since I already posted a tip pic about how voice acting should be considered as real as stage and TV acting. Well, you’re not exactly wrong, but this can be thought of a little…

Gotham High Episode 3 “All Around Me”

Hey!! Episode 3 of Gotham High is finally up. The Joker, voiced by yours truly, is back after vanishing for an episode.

Tip Pics and Chicago Immortals

Okay, I got two doses of good news coming out here! First off, I’m starting a new thing with my like page and my tumblr.  I’ll be posting regular tips and tricks about voice acting in picture form.  I’ve been getting the feeling that just basic text posts don’t travel as far and/or don’t have…