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Burrito Rant (Warning: Adult Language)

I’ve been wanting to do this reading for a long time.  I’ve recently been having a lot of stress and frustration lately and I needed a way to vent out some steam.  I remembered this little gem right here and it was clear what needed to be done.

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did recording this!

New Reading – Flappy Bird Reviews

So there’s this new mobile game out called Flappy Bird.  I downloaded and played it myself and yeah, it’s pretty hard.  Some reviews of it came across my dashboard on Tumblr and from what I’m seeing, some people have actually been driven insane by this game. I decided to do a little comedic interpretation some two of these reviews.  I hope you enjoy. :)

New Dramatic Reading!

Surprise!  I did another dramatic reading for you all!  This one I had lots of fun doing.  A craiglist ad for a yoga mat, only used once, and only selling at a dollar. Why so cheap? Well, the seller gives a timeline of his experience using it in a hot yoga class. Hope you enjoy!

Finally Something to do on Youtube

Hey everyone! Good news.  I finally figured out something to do with my Youtube page.  It was pretty quiet there without any theme or any kind of good, consistent content, so I’ve made a move to get my name out there.  From this day forth, I’ll be doing dramatic readings of fanfics I find on…