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2 New Paid Gigs!!

Hey guys!!  Got some big updates for you! Just as the title says, I got two new paid voiceover gigs happening soon.  I’m super psyched that work is coming my way more often now.  Maybe this could be a sign for things to come.  Anyway, where is the breakdown on the two new gigs  …

Chibi-Me! Episode 1

Hey guys!

Great news, one of my more recent projects, Chibi-Me!, has finally put out its first episode on Go-Animate.  It feels great to be able to hear my voice come out of an animated character like this.  I personally think everyone did a great job work on this and it will only go up from here.  I play Matteo, the blonde ninja.

Here is the link to the first episode.  Sadly, all I can do is link it for you since there’s no embed code for me to put into the post.  Hopefully that won’t be an issue.

Hope you enjoy!!


First Corporate Presentation Gig!


Oh man, I feel like I’ve gone up in the world a bit. I was contacted by a guy who lives in Greece who was making a presentation for a flooring company and he contacted me personally after finding my website and wanted me to do the narration for him. After some back and forth and a couple of do overs, we got it down and that was a wrap and I was paid for it. You have no idea how proud I feel right now, but I’m still very thankful that I was chosen to do this!  Also, the guy who I worked with has an animation site, so be sure to check it out at http://www.animationtime.com/

Now pardon me as I have my success music here play repeatedly through my head!!

Got Cast – Ataxia

Heads up guys! I’ve just been cast as not one, but TWO characters in the upcoming game, Ataxia. Their names are Isaac and Commissioner Ruggles. This is a combination of a beat em up (like River City Ransom) and a platformer (like Dust: An Elysian Tail.) I can’t wait to work with these people!


Page Updates and a New Role

Hey guys!  Hope you all are doing well and staying warm.  I am officially done with this winter.  It just needs to stop being a dick right now. >< Anyway, just a few updates.  Again, sorry I haven’t been posting much on here.    That actually brings me to my first bit of news.  Just…

New Dramatic Reading!

Surprise!  I did another dramatic reading for you all!  This one I had lots of fun doing.  A craiglist ad for a yoga mat, only used once, and only selling at a dollar. Why so cheap? Well, the seller gives a timeline of his experience using it in a hot yoga class. Hope you enjoy!

Anime Crossroads 2013 Report

Hey guys!  Hope you all are keeping warm…..unless you already live in a hot climate.  In that case, carry on.

Anyway, I got back home from Anime Crossroads in Indiana last night, but I’m posting my report now because I had to go to bed early.  I got hit with a really bad cold and i’m still feeling like crap right now.  Hopefully it’ll pass soon.  However, despite being sick, I had an excellent time and it was actually great to be at another con.  I really needed one.

There’s actually not that much to report, so this may bit a bit shorter.  This was a very tiny con, even smaller than Ramencon or Kollisioncon.  I hung out all three days with someone awesome.  Her name is Fox and she has a cosplay page on facebook called Blutigstiegx Cosplay.  She and her friend were my hosts as I stayed in Indiana all 3 days.  It was honestly fun to just walk around and see all of the cosplays and take pictures.  Friday was awesome because I was cosplaying as Kintaro Oe from Golden Boy and I got to meet Kintaro’s voice actor, Doug Smith,  who autographed in my note book!











Saturday was pretty cool because I debut my cosplay of Jaune Arc from RWBY.  My friends dressed up as Ruby and Pyrrha and everyone loved us.  Sunday was a bit of a downer because I was started to feel sick, but not as bad as the day after.  I dressed up at Into Darkness Khan and I actually did get some good response from it.    A guy actually pulled me aside and said that I was the most intense Khan he had seen!

All in all, this con felt good and now it actually feels likes it’s time to focus on other things right now until C2E2.  Thank you all for sticking with me.  Now then, here are all the pics I took at Crossroads!

IMG_20131215_130736_759 IMG_20131215_130749_107 IMG_20131215_130830_522 IMG_20131215_130844_638 IMG_20131215_130920_065 IMG_20131213_134239_543 IMG_20131213_134323_118 IMG_20131213_134413_731 IMG_20131213_141320_784 IMG_20131213_141918_879 IMG_20131213_161939_892 IMG_20131213_162212_589 IMG_20131213_162251_050 IMG_20131213_162320_774 IMG_20131213_163253_732 IMG_20131213_163348_783 IMG_20131213_163532_592 IMG_20131213_181736_600 IMG_20131213_184429_989 IMG_20131213_193017_038 IMG_20131213_205744_615 IMG_20131214_144336_356 IMG_20131214_144543_453 IMG_20131214_144547_293 IMG_20131214_150453_444 IMG_20131214_152012_920 IMG_20131214_152105_673 IMG_20131214_152257_506 IMG_20131215_121505_230 IMG_20131215_130647_326 IMG_20131215_130710_493 IMG_20131215_130733_413

Conspirocracy is Out!!

Short post, but good post!

Conspirocracy is finally out at last!! Follow the link and buy yourself a copy.   All proceeds are donated to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.
I voice 5 different characters in this game and you also get to bare witness to the vocal talents of Omahdon and Sheila M. Gagne: Voice-Over.  What are you waiting for you?  Buy the game now!

Here is the link to get the game: http://www.desura.com/games/conspirocracy

Site Error, Lost all my Pics, And a new video

Wow, I have no idea what happened.  One day, everything was working fine with my site and all.  The next, day, everything is all screwed up and I can’t access my admin privileges.   I posted in forums and tried to contact my host.  I’m not sure if the message made it through or something,…

Some Updates

Dang, it\’s been a while since I last posted on my site here.  Sorry for just kinda leaving you all hanging.  I have been posting more on my like page lately, so if you want more constant updates as well as see stuff on other fun things that are not just voiceover related, you can…