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Voice Acting Industry: How to Get In! Now in Video!

Wow, it\’s been awhile since I updated here.  Sorry for being silent for a while.  I just never really had anything worth posting about after Anime Midwest.  I don\’t have much to write about now, but I still got something big to show you all.

It took a long time, but we finally got a video of our entire panel from Anime Midwest 2013!!  We go through the whole process of what it takes to be a voice actor, all the various dos and don\’ts, as well as other places where you can get help as well as notice for your work.  I\’m so happy to be finally showing all of you this!!

Lotta Projects / Lotta Likes

It finally happened yesterday (well, the day before yesterday, but it was late and I was super tired.)  I finally hit 300 likes on Facebook.  It\’s been a long time coming since I first created the page back in April last year.  I honestly never thought I would get this much support ever; I barely…

Voice Acting Tip Pics Part 2

        As I said in a previous tip, there is a misunderstanding that voice acting is a really easy job. Well, some of the worst offenders of this assumption are voice actors themselves. People who want to get into voice acting think that it’s easy; you just get a microphone, download some…

A New Place to Work

I had a friend contact me with an idea that was so good that i\’m slapping myself a lot for not thinking it up sooner.  Now think about it, i\’m a voiceover artist looking for work.  What if there was a place where many people who were looking for talent could come together?  Could such…