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Voice Acting Industry: How to Get In! Now in Video!

Wow, it\’s been awhile since I updated here.  Sorry for being silent for a while.  I just never really had anything worth posting about after Anime Midwest.  I don\’t have much to write about now, but I still got something big to show you all.

It took a long time, but we finally got a video of our entire panel from Anime Midwest 2013!!  We go through the whole process of what it takes to be a voice actor, all the various dos and don\’ts, as well as other places where you can get help as well as notice for your work.  I\’m so happy to be finally showing all of you this!!

Anime Midwest 2013 Report

How\’s it going guys? Well, Anime Midwest is finally done and over with and sadly, this is not going to be a very long report.  I didn\’t really do much of anything.  I walked around, I hung out with friends, I saw great cosplay, and I was able to do my panel again.  All in…

Fruits Basket Radio Drama Episode 23 – Memorial

The next episode of Fruits Basket is finally up.  Prepare for some extreme feelz.

Furuba Episode 21

Hey, sorry for the wait.  The new episode is finally up!!

Furuba Episode 20

Sorry for the long wait on this one, but the latest episode is finally out!!  Hope you enjoy and that you\’re all caught up!

Furuba Episode 18

IT\’S THE HOTSPRINGS EPISODE!!  I had a lot of fun doing this.  Easily the funniest episode I\’ve done and there is a lot of adorable fluff between Tohru and my character, Yuki. Be sure to catch up if you need to! (^.^)b

Furuba Episode 17

Hey guys!  Episode 17 is finally up.  Give it a listen and catch up if you need to.

Furuba Episode 16

Episode 16 is finally up.  Give it a watch and catch up if you need to!

Fruits Basket Radio Episode 15

Hey everyone! Episode 15 of the Fruits Basket Radio Drama is finally out.  Give it a listen and catch up if you need to and please, give this series your support. http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/ir/jo/fruits-basket-radio-drama/35719-furuba-radio-drama-ep-15-unspoken

My Personal Tech

I thought I might take the time to write about the kind of equipment that I use when doing my voiceover.  Now i\’m not saying that i\’m a total know it all when it comes to having the right tech.  To a certain extant, it\’s sometimes just personal preference and what you are willing to…