Anime Central 2015 Report

How’s it going, everyone?

Well, I’m back from Anime Central 2015.  I gotta say that I honestly had a blast this time compared to last year’s conventions.  I got to see most of my friends and I actually stuck around and traveled with them a lot.  Much more fun to be with friends at a con.  There’a honestly not much to say about the con this time though.  I never went to any of the panels they had except for the ones that I hosted myself.

Late on Saturday night, I helped host the Improv, I Choose You panel and it was a total blast.  Everyone got up and did improv and even performed for all of the other audience members.  I always love seeing people have fun.  On Sunday, we hosted our classic Voice Acting Industry: How to Get In! panel.   We had the biggest audience we’ve had yet and they were clearly the most enthusiastic.  They all reacted so well to our information and they thanked us all for helping them learn.

While this did have some tense moments, Acen 2015, was a definite improvement over last year.  I want to thank everyone who helped me have a good time there.   Now take the time to enjoy all of the pics I took of the con!

Stay Awesome!

20150515_101714 20150517_154826 20150517_153655 20150517_152913 20150517_150022 20150517_121505 20150517_110030 20150517_105832 20150517_105403 20150517_105211 20150517_104928 20150516_184422 20150516_152238 20150516_140354 20150516_135947 20150516_122037 20150516_121710 20150516_114953 20150516_114424 20150516_113556 20150516_112933 20150516_105031 20150516_104758 20150515_180438 20150515_180402 20150515_173720 20150515_173243 20150515_172629 20150515_172107 20150515_170951 20150515_170732 20150515_170602 20150515_165903 20150515_165650 20150515_151926 20150515_151618 20150515_151543 20150515_151443 20150515_151336 20150515_151127 20150515_150911 20150515_150810 20150515_150308 20150515_150225 20150515_144930 20150515_144708 20150515_144523 20150515_144143 20150515_143921 20150515_143831 20150515_143525 20150515_143453 20150515_143406 20150515_143253 20150515_143053 20150515_142833 20150515_142538 20150515_142403 20150515_142304 20150515_142253 20150515_142208 20150515_132813 20150515_132714 20150515_132252 20150515_132038 20150515_131807 20150515_131753 20150515_130641 20150515_130218 20150515_125405 20150515_124846 20150515_124700 20150515_124623 20150515_115859 20150515_115747 20150515_115208 20150515_115201_HDR 20150515_114452 20150515_114441 20150515_114318 20150515_114223 20150515_114041 20150515_113558 20150515_112127 20150515_111845 20150515_111629 20150515_105947 20150515_105713

Some More Slight Updates And Something to cheer you up

Hey again, guys.

Okay, so if you haven’t noticed already, I made a couple other change to the site.  I changed the background to something that looked more like a audio wave form.  I felt like if I’m going to be part of the audio industry, my site should reflect that even more.  All the other updates, you can’t exactly see because they’re all in the background.  I’m using a different contact form now and I switched around some plugins, hopefully it’ll help make this site run a little more efficiently.

Yeah, I really don’t have much to say in this post.  Really, I’m just finding an excuse to post again and talk to you guy. :)  Also, I want to see how this post would look when shared to Facebook since I tinkered a bit with my sharing plugin.  Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

That’s all I got for now.  I’ll talk to you guys later when I have some more content to give you guys.  OH!  And if you’re having a bad day, take a gander at these funny pics.  They never cease to make me laugh when I’m down.

tumblr_njbxe5xxQZ1r67ozho1_540 9yyte 10473743_10152917912190558_8810030976009314587_n a9b4be3150f4edbba254571e19fc2eb4 ce092520e8f76a267eb9fa4f4a160e79 drew_pecfly Epic_duel_by_IsisMasshiro Hill_Booty IMG_150417901556601 Swimming_Titans tumblr_mdier0RMhe1rs5cejo1_1280 tumblr_ml4hypwhxM1s5rsdao1_1280 tumblr_n0q5y38hVy1r0y0myo1_1280 tumblr_ngsuwc0gT31qm8cfgo1_1280 tumblr_niwt5kNkdl1qfe9fvo1_540 tumblr_nj865uM0LS1rh0ac2o1_540

Kollision Con 2015 Report

How’s it going everyone?

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve been to a convention.  The last one I’ve been to was Anime Midwest 2014 and if you all remember, I had a less than stellar time there.  In fact, pretty much all of 2014 was a sucky year, so i’m praying hard that 2015 makes up for it.

Anyway, I’m back from my first con of the year, Kollision Con.  It feels great to be back at the con scene and this was a nice, humble start to it.  Kollision was a very tiny con, only taking place at the Hyatt hotel in Rosemont.  It had a modest crowd, but I still had a lot of fun.  I mostly just walked around and hung out with friends.

Sunday was the best day and that was when my girlfriend finally got to go to the con.  We both cosplayed as Hawkeye and Black Widow and it was so much fun to just hang out together.

I think this was a good way to start the year and I only hope that it continued to stay this good.  Anyway, that’s all I got for you now.  Hope you stay warm during this winter.  Now you go enjoy all the pics I took!

20150104_152729 20150102_111014 20150102_111951 20150102_120649 20150102_120522 20150102_120320 20150102_120137 20150102_113132 20150102_123131 20150102_123634 20150102_124408 20150102_125058 20150102_145402 20150103_110605 20150102_163747 20150102_161840 20150102_154207 20150102_152738 20150103_111229 20150103_115132 20150103_115144 20150103_115153 20150103_115347 20150103_122543 20150103_121720 20150103_120729 20150103_120450 20150103_115826 20150103_122840 20150103_123121 20150103_123339 20150103_123348 20150103_124411 20150103_130622 20150103_125947 20150103_125616 20150103_124859 20150103_124636 20150103_130815 20150103_133059 20150103_134339 20150103_151310 20150103_152115 20150104_140139 20150104_125443 20150104_114541 20150103_165516 20150103_152623

Anime Central 2014 Report

How’s it hangin everyone?

Well, I’m back from Anime Central.  I waited til today to post my report because I wanted to spend the rest of yesterday recovering from the con.  All in all, I would say that I had an okay time.  I will confess, there are some issues going on, but i’ll spare you from the drama.

Anyway, both the voice over and improv panel on Friday went well.  We got a full house for both of them, even to the point where the con ops had to keep more people from coming in.  I felt sad that they couldn’t attend.  Oh well.

As for the other two days, I spent them just sorta walking around, hanging with people, trying to keep my mind occupied.  Some tense moments, some good moments.  Sunday was actually the best day because I got to hang with my friend Caitlin.  She can be really motivating and she got me pumped on the idea of not only getting back into working out, but also starting a group cosplay for next year.  We’re all so pumped that we’ve already started production, so stayed tuned for that.

All in all, I would say that compared to other Acen’s, this was sadly the worst one.  Not because of the con itself, but just stuff that happened around the same time.  Still I left feeling satisfied and I hope that next year is better.  As for my next con, i’ll be shooting for Anime Midwest!

Hope everyone else had fun.  Now here are all the cosplay pics I took!

IMG_20140516_135609_544 IMG_20140516_135635_998 IMG_20140516_135648_219 IMG_20140516_135702_885 IMG_20140516_135828_016 IMG_20140516_140943_548 IMG_20140516_141307_141 IMG_20140516_164321_945 IMG_20140516_164637_124 IMG_20140516_173638_853 IMG_20140516_175348_963 IMG_20140516_175917_026 IMG_20140516_180400_499 IMG_20140517_131522_410 IMG_20140517_133220_757 IMG_20140517_203747_825 IMG_20140515_171237_456 IMG_20140516_095922_763 IMG_20140516_100402_202 IMG_20140516_101644_008 IMG_20140516_103453_851 IMG_20140516_124525 IMG_20140516_134550_156

C2E2 2014 Report

Hey guys.  Finally back from my con.  Had a nice time.  I mostly just looked around and hung out with people.  Yeah…that’s pretty much all I did.   Anyway, enjoy all these pics I took at the con.  I’ll see you all at Anime Central.


IMG_20140427_134611_337 IMG_20140427_144723_328 IMG_20140427_152157_498 IMG_20140425_161038_229 IMG_20140426_102412_401 IMG_20140426_102850_648 IMG_20140426_122114_792 IMG_20140426_125914_348 IMG_20140426_125920_200 IMG_20140426_150946_754 IMG_20140426_183849_252 IMG_20140427_112247_534 IMG_20140427_112535_929 IMG_20140427_113310_782 IMG_20140427_124407_824

Anime Crossroads 2013 Report

Hey guys!  Hope you all are keeping warm…..unless you already live in a hot climate.  In that case, carry on.

Anyway, I got back home from Anime Crossroads in Indiana last night, but I’m posting my report now because I had to go to bed early.  I got hit with a really bad cold and i’m still feeling like crap right now.  Hopefully it’ll pass soon.  However, despite being sick, I had an excellent time and it was actually great to be at another con.  I really needed one.

There’s actually not that much to report, so this may bit a bit shorter.  This was a very tiny con, even smaller than Ramencon or Kollisioncon.  I hung out all three days with someone awesome.  Her name is Fox and she has a cosplay page on facebook called Blutigstiegx Cosplay.  She and her friend were my hosts as I stayed in Indiana all 3 days.  It was honestly fun to just walk around and see all of the cosplays and take pictures.  Friday was awesome because I was cosplaying as Kintaro Oe from Golden Boy and I got to meet Kintaro’s voice actor, Doug Smith,  who autographed in my note book!











Saturday was pretty cool because I debut my cosplay of Jaune Arc from RWBY.  My friends dressed up as Ruby and Pyrrha and everyone loved us.  Sunday was a bit of a downer because I was started to feel sick, but not as bad as the day after.  I dressed up at Into Darkness Khan and I actually did get some good response from it.    A guy actually pulled me aside and said that I was the most intense Khan he had seen!

All in all, this con felt good and now it actually feels likes it’s time to focus on other things right now until C2E2.  Thank you all for sticking with me.  Now then, here are all the pics I took at Crossroads!

IMG_20131215_130736_759 IMG_20131215_130749_107 IMG_20131215_130830_522 IMG_20131215_130844_638 IMG_20131215_130920_065 IMG_20131213_134239_543 IMG_20131213_134323_118 IMG_20131213_134413_731 IMG_20131213_141320_784 IMG_20131213_141918_879 IMG_20131213_161939_892 IMG_20131213_162212_589 IMG_20131213_162251_050 IMG_20131213_162320_774 IMG_20131213_163253_732 IMG_20131213_163348_783 IMG_20131213_163532_592 IMG_20131213_181736_600 IMG_20131213_184429_989 IMG_20131213_193017_038 IMG_20131213_205744_615 IMG_20131214_144336_356 IMG_20131214_144543_453 IMG_20131214_144547_293 IMG_20131214_150453_444 IMG_20131214_152012_920 IMG_20131214_152105_673 IMG_20131214_152257_506 IMG_20131215_121505_230 IMG_20131215_130647_326 IMG_20131215_130710_493 IMG_20131215_130733_413