What\’s up, peeps? :)

I got some amazing news for all of you.  I just landed my very first video game role!  You have no idea just how giddy I am!  This is the first time I\’ve ever voiced in an game and I can\’t wait to see how this looks when it gets finished.

Anyway, allow me to explain.  Conspirocracy is an adventure game that is being created to help raise money for charity.  It tells the story of a school teacher named David, who wakes up one morning to find that his life is missing from all records, his financials are all frozen, and the government has declared him a non-person.  He must journey around to discover just what happened to his identity and in the process, dive deep into the very bowels of what we know as bureaucratic hell.

I will be voicing 3 characters in this game.  First off the Barista, a pretentious boy who is very passionate about all things coffee and thinks he knows more about it than anyone else.

The Health Inspector; simply put, just think of Walter Peck from Ghostbusters.

And lastly, The Head Cultist, the main villain of this adventure!

I am so excited to be signed on to this project and it\’s nice to be a part of something that is raising money for a good cause.  If you wish to know more about the game itself, here are a couple links you can look up.  The first link talks about the game in more detail and the second link is the official website where you can get live updates about the game\’s creation.



That\’s all I got you today!  Be sure to get yourselves a copy when this game is released!