Hey guys!

Just thought I\’d give an update about my upcoming radio play project,  8-Bit Theater. Auditions will continue until March 31st. It\’s only been barely a week and I have already gotten so many great and talented people trying out for this.  I\’m glad I made the choice to let the actors decide how they felt the characters should sound.   I\’m very interested in hearing what they have in mind.  I\’ve heard some pretty original ideas already and i\’m getting giddy just thinking about all this.
Part of me just wants to end auditions now and use these people, but I won\’t do that.  For all I know, even more awesome auditions might come in, so things will stay open.
I\’m really happy that people are actually trying out for this project.  I should count my blessings more often.
Anyway, just thought I\’d give an update for you all.  To anyone auditioning, break a leg.   To all who are not trying out, I really hope that you like what I have in store for you all.

That\’s all I got.   See ya later!