Hey guys!  How’s it going over there.

Anyway, just thought I’d give you all a bit of an update to how things are going over here.  Well, I will confess, things have been really rocky over on my end.  Plans fell through, got hurt in a bad way, and just trying to promote myself out there while it feels like a lot of stuff is getting in the way.  However, I’m still managing to keep my spirits up over here, though I do have bad days.

Anyway, that’s enough moping out of me.  I’ve been slowly working over here to prepare myself to once again try and submit to talent agencies.  I know that I already made a post about that subject in the past, but things got in the way and I wasn’t able to do it, but now I’m taking another stab at it.  Hopefully now that I have a resume that actually has quite a few things on it, I’ll have better luck this time to catch their attention.

Now for the last topic.  I don’t care if it seems pathetic to some of you, but Facebook really doesn’t like to help fan pages, so I’m once again here to promote my voice acting page.  Here is the link (psssst, the picture is the link.)







Like I said, Facebook has made it very difficult for people who have fan pages, with their content getting much less exposure.  I honestly seem to get more exposure here on my main site than I do on Facebook.  Nevertheless, FB has been a valuable tool when it comes to networking and if I can get more likes, then getting noticed will be easier.   So please, take the time to check out my page and give it a Like.  I post there a lot more often than on my site here and it’s not just voice acting stuff that I talk about.  I also post about video games, anime, cosplay, all that geeky stuff that I love.  So you’ll be getting some variety and hopefully won’t be bored.

Anyway, hope you’re having a good day and staying cool if you live near where I am.  Stay awesome!  (^.^)b